Recently Completed Projects

Spring 2019-Spring 2020 Projects

  • Complete redesign and restructuring of the linkways/pathways and covers between classrooms and buildings, where previously, when it rained, students were unable move around without getting soaked. 
  • One linkway was provided by Mr. Gordon Russell; three linkways were provided by the LHAF.
  • Funded Covid-19 Disaster Release Care Packages through the Union of Jamaica Alumni Aossiacion in coordination with LASCO Jamaica Limited. Mr. Gordon Russell and Ms. Audrey Stephens contributed greatly towards this.

Previous Projects (Before 2019)

Projects we have completed since the LHAF has started:

  • Funded New School Uniforms & Shoes
  • Funded School Supplies
  • Sent New Computers and Printers
  • Established a one-time $10,000 scholarship, with a tablet, to Jodi-ann Brown of the Reggae Girls Football Team
  • Monetary Contribution provided to the Genderlens teacher training Program
  • Monetary Support for student transportation to the Jamaica Festival

Thank you
Honored Friends

To friends of the association, who have contributed greatly, we honor.

Gordon Russel

Kenroy Cox

Affiliates who completed improvements at the school.


Mr. Gordon Russel, Mr. Kenroy Cox, and affiliates delivering keys to to the principal, Ms. Janet Haye, for two newly renovated rooms at Limehall Primary.