Looking Forward
Mission Statement

The Lime Hall Primary School through its teachers, students and parents are
determined to:

  • Provide learning opportunities to meet the needs and interests of all students
    in Lime Hall and its environs.
  • To develop all aspects of the students through quality education (social,
    cultural, emotional, spiritual and intellectual).
  • To assist significantly in the reduction of community migration.
  • To create a positive impact in developing law abiding, productive citizens.

Makeup of School
School Profile

The school is located in the North Eastern section of Saint Ann. It is Approximately Three miles from the town of St. Ann’s Bay.

The School serves children from the Communities of Higgin Town, Forest. Lumsden and Lime Hall. It has an accommodation for 500 students. However, the average enrollment is about 300. There are eight Teachers on staff, one Guidance Counsellor and a Principal and a clerical assistant. The school has a cadre of trained Teachers.

Fifty percentage of these Teachers have acquired their First Degree. There are three watchmen and a janitor on staff. The School operates on a full day basis from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. except on a Thursday when children are dismissed at 2:00 p.m. (for teachers’ common planning time) with an early access time to the buildings from 8:00 a.m. each day. Exemptions are made for students to be on the compound until 4:15 p.m. with their parents’ permission, this is to facilitate extra lessons, club meetings, rehearsal or other planned school activities.

The uniform for girls’ is a blue gingham and for boys a khaki pants and shirt. The Parents Teachers Association meets bi-monthly for general meetings; however Grade meetings are also accommodated.

From the results of the GSAT, students seem to do much better at Science and Social Studies. This could be so as these areas are more practical areas. Students are assessed at Grade One to determine their readiness level. This is done through the Grade One Individual Learning Profile. Continuous assessment is being done in all grades. The students’ progresses are checked through Children’s Log Mark Books and Cumulative Records. The School continues to develop students’ personal and social, via the teaching of Health and Family Life Education, Guidance and Citizens’ Education Program and other events celebrations. Eighty percent of the students attend school regularly.

Plans are afoot to offer incentives to further boost this area. This is enhanced with the attendance of the Teachers, boasting approximately ninety percent. The School has adequate teaching materials which are used effectively to enhance the teaching learning environment. Teachers are assessed quarterly and they are encouraged to do self evaluations.

Teachers are encouraged to prepare their weekly plans for students which are being audited and recorded by supervisors. Weekly planning sessions are held with all teachers. Staff meetings are held on a monthly basis. Staff development workshops are facilitated as the needs are identified. The school has a fairly good relationship with the community. Members of the community participate in school events and are highlighted and awarded for their contributions. While the school has some very strong points, there is still scope for improvement. Presently, the school is in need of more technical resources (overhead projector, computers, and educational software). 

What came before
Our History

The Lime Hall Primary School started in the Baptist Church and continued until 1922 when it was amalgamated with the Anglican School to form the present Primary School, which was first an all-age school.

Through the work of the Baptist Church Leaders, Reverend J.C. Lewis and Mr. R.E. Barnett, a parcel of land was procured for the construction of the Lime Hall Elementary School.

The was completed on the 18 th of December 1931. It was opened for classes in January of 1932. It was built to house students from Lime Hall and surrounding areas.

To ease the burden of students walking long distance to school, the Parents’ Teachers’ Association (PTA) made a petition for the construction of the road. This lessened the distance the students had to travel.

The school started with an attendance of One Hundred and Fifty (150) students and three members of staff. The Principal then was Mr. J. E. Clarke and the class Teachers were Ms. A. Markland and Ms. D. J. Russell.

Mr. Clarke served the school for over twenty years. Mr. and Mrs. Austin succeeded Mr. Clarke. These two worked with the school of over fifteen years. Mr. Austin retired as Principal in 1951 and was succeeded by Mr. N. O. Peart.

Mr. Peart, with his hard work, devotion, dedication and instrumentality, managed to make addition buildings to the schoo, which was made possible by the sponsorhsip of the Canadian Government.

This building now houses the Grades 4, 5 and 6 classes, the Guidance Counsellors’ office, and a mini Library area. Mr. Peart ended his service at the school in 1966 and was succeeded by one of Jamaica’s stalwarts, Mr. Stanley Hawthorne. He along with his wife worked assiduously serving the school and community of Lime Hall. ‘Perseverance‘ was his motto, which helped him to achieve his goals. A vast number of students excelled academically and technically under his tutelage. Mr. Hawthorne died after a short illness in 1992. His wife Mrs. Norma Hawthorne took up the mantle in September of that same year. She was a motivator to the students and teachers alike. Mrs. Hawthorne retired in August 2000 after many years of hard work. Mr. Windel Luke, a prominent and capable administrator, served as principal from 2001 until August 2011, when he ended his tenure at the school.

Currently serving as Principal is Ms Janet Haye who is a Lime Hall Alumn.

The Beginning
Recognition of the Founding Members

In 2012, a few alumns came together and initiated the Lime Hall Primary School Alumni. 

Rosalind Smallhorne

Jackie Spencer

Arturo Fisher

Eaton Cammock

Lorna Sterling

Yasmine Henry

Dione Hyde

Devon Hyde

Jason Gilmore

Jennifer Hyde Thompson